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local fixer Almeria

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Local Fixer Almeria

I can proudly say that I am one of most experienced and professional local fixer in Almeria, location scout and also location manager in Spain. This is certainly the first and most important step for a successful photo and film production in Spain . 

I have over  400 well managed productions to my name,as a local fixer Almeria , location scout Almeria and production manager Almeria I know where to find the perfect locations for photo and film shoots in Almeria that is to say to fit your brief.

As a result with me as your local Fixer Almeria you are in good hands, furthermore, you will save time and money.

local fixer Almeria- production manager Almeria-  location manager  Almeria- location scout Almeria 

For example, are you looking to shoot a location for photo and film, with a African or Australian feeling? Most importantly, location scout  Almeria can help you and your upcoming photo and film shoot in Almeria .

local fixer Almeria

For instance an  African desert, even an  Italian village, or rather an Afghan town and landscape, Argentinian pampas, a Israeli city or even a Tunisian seafront.

Almeria has the biggest desert location in Europe . which could double locations like Phoenix Arizona, Jordan , Syria, Morocco, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia and many more.

location scout Almeria is here to help.

However, if you are thinking of filming in Spain or for example shooting photos in Spain for your next ad campaign or subsequently, realizing your next car shoot, TV series or reality show , most importantly as your location and production manager in Almeria I am  here to help. In conclusion, let me find you the best locations for your photo and film shoot in Almeria Spain .