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Why shoot in Spain

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Shooting in Spain

The climate is reliable with over 300 sunny shoot days per year. The versatile landscapes can pass as many locations. In less than two hours you can go from snow capped mountains to sunny beaches, from deserts to serpentine mountain roads, from XXI to XV century. Film production service Spain 

Andalusia offers everything under the sun and has doubled for Jordan, Israel and barren Afghanistan, mountainous Tibet, verdant South America, the Australian outback, for a countless variety of productions. Film production service Spain 

Cadiz with its white sanded beaches approximates the Caribbean; Malaga’s rolling hills are horse country; the Almeria deserts portray the wild west or Arabia and an oasis is never far away.

Granada and Cordoba capture the Moorish spirit with secure Islamic architecture; traditional Spain with its white washed villages and bull rings is always just around the corner while cosmopolitan chic, stunning architecture, yacht clubs, and over the top luxury villas abound!

film production service Spain 

Barcelona and Catalonia provide more urban and sophisticated environments with iconographic monuments by Gaudí , Mies van de Rohe, Courbusier, etc. and a rich cultural past reflected by its narrow Gothic streets, Renaissance palaces, Baroque churches, Colonial, and Art Deco architecture.film production service Spain 

Gerona is surrounded by medieval fortified stone villages and farming hamlets. Further north, the Pyrenees Mountains are breath taking have been used to approximate the Alps, the Andes and the Himalayas.

If you are looking for cultural diversity Madrid is the nation’s cultural melting pot. Bilbao has Gehry’s Guggenheim and Valencia is home to Calatrava’s masterpiece, L’Hemisféric. Spain has so much to offer and as they say, Spain is different!

film production service Spain